When we first started working on our almondmilk formulation, we tried using recipes for raw almondmilk on the internet. While these simple, homemade milks taste truly delicious, they are very difficult to scale. In fact, we found that most of them don’t last much longer than a few days before they start to ferment and taste really horrible. If you are using organic or raw almonds and you don’t drink it, you have thrown away quite a bit of goodness. If we were going to get our products out to a wider audience, they would have to last longer than a few days.

The other discovery was the separation that occurs naturally in almondmilk. At first we thought it was sort of cute, we can be like all those fancy juice companies that proudly show their colorful layers. Sadly, separated almondmilk is much more resemblant of a bodily fluid — yikes. And, to make matters worse, after a few days of sitting, it simply won’t come back together … no matter how much you shake it. This means when you go to pour it on your cereal, it is either a yellow-ish liquid or more like the inside of an almond butter jar.

So, we decided that we would hire a professional food formulator. Fortunately, we were introduced to the one and only Molly Michet — check her out here. She worked with us to understand our vision, which was to use only ingredients we would be proud to have on our label and that are easily sourced from nature. It took many rounds of trial, and a bunch of very expensive dry-iced shipments, but eventually we ended up with a winner.

Once we had a base of almonds and water that delivered great taste, we worked on creating a sweet flavor. Originally we wanted to use organic dates, but we quickly discovered that they made the amount of sugar in our milk very high. As we played around, someone on the team suggested trying maple syrup and the answer was discovered. Simple and so delicious, and, for added benefit, it actually helped smooth out the texture.

Finally, we added some organic vanilla extract. And that was it. Three simple, yet highly drinkable and enjoyable flavors were now finalized and ready to scale.