What ingredients are in your products?

Please click here for the full list of ingredients and nutritional facts for all of our products.

Your bottles says you use more almonds, what does that mean?

Our Almondmilk is more like homemade almond milk. This means we use significantly more almonds, approximately 55 per bottle!

We don’t want to point the finger at anyone else, but we are confident if you read the protein and fat section of our nutrition facts, you can see the difference between New Barn and many other grocery store brands.

What is Acacia gum?

Acacia gum is a natural resin that comes from the hardened sap of the Acacia tree. It is produced much like maple syrup. The farmers “tap” the tree bark, and collect the naturally hardened sap which is converted into various finished forms.

Acacia gum has a long and proven history in a variety of uses. It is actually a pretty fascinating product with thousands of years of history. Definitely worth a quick internet search, especially as a prebiotic.

Why do you use Acacia gum?

Almond milk naturally separates. Normally this would be fine with us, but as it goes through distribution, it can settle, and never come back together. Without acacia gum, you would experience a bottle that had some thick liquid and some watery liquid. Acacia gum helps ensure that when you shake the bottle, everything comes back together long enough to pour an even glass.

Is Acacia Gum vegan, paleo, gluten free?


Do you use carrageenan in your products?

Nope! We have never used carrageenan and we never will.

Where do your almonds come from?

We currently source our organic almonds from a group of organic almond growers in Spain.

What about the drought? Don’t almonds use a huge amount of water?

Yes, almonds do take quite a bit of water to grow. No question about it. However, many other food crops do too. Take for example, alfalfa, which is a highly water intensive crop grown mostly for cattle feed or exports to other countries. We believe the conversation about water and food is an important one, and it should include a broad range of topics including almonds. You can be assured that we think very deeply about each ingredient we source and their impact on the environment.

Are your almonds raw?

No. Our almond milk uses steam pasteurized almonds.

Unpasteurized almonds are very difficult to source in large quantities, and they also present significant legal liability to a product manufacturers. Many products that claim to use raw almonds are actually using steam-pasteurized almonds that are marketed as raw.

What is the shelf life of your product?

90 days. You will find a best by date on the side of the bottle.

How long does your Almondmilk last once opened?

We typically find each bottle will get 7-10 days of freshness once opened.

Are your products pasteurized?

Yes, our Almondmilk and AlmondCrème are both pasteurized.

Why don’t you use HPP to pack your product like some other almond milks?

While HPP is a wonderful process for preserving fresh juices, we feel that it is quite wasteful for almond milk. It typically extends shelf life by 30-40 days which is not long enough to properly reach stores shelves through distribution. As a result, HPP almond milk often results in many bottles being “out of code” and ultimately thrown away.

Are your products gluten free?

Our Almondmilk is gluten-free, as is its facility. Most of our AlmondCrème flavors are gluten-free, Ginger Snap Cookie and Almondmilk & Cereal do contain gluten.

Are your products and facility peanut free?

Our Almondmilk and its production facility are free of peanuts. Our AlmondCrème flavors are peanut free, but they are manufactured in a facility where peanuts are present.

Does your product contain vitamin B12?

We do not add any fortified vitamins or minerals to our almond milk. We feel there are better sources of these ingredients than what is typically used in most commercial almond milks.

How much does your Almondmilk cost? What about the AlmondCrème?

Our Almondmilk is $5.99 per 28oz bottle. AlmondCrème is $6.99 per pint container.

Can you ship me Almondmilk or AlmondCrème?

We are currently unable to ship our products.

Are your products organic?

All of our Almondmilk is certified organic.

Of the eight flavors of AlmondCrème we offer, six are certified organic. The other two, Almondmilk & Cereal and Ginger Snap Cookie, are made with organic ingredients.

Can I use Almondmilk in place of regular dairy milk?

Yes you can use it just like you would use dairy milk.

Can I drink your milk if I am lactose intolerant?

Yes currently all of our products are dairy free.

Do I need to keep the package cold before opening?

Yes – our almond milk needs to be refrigerated.

Why does your Almondmilk separate when I put it in my coffee? Do I have a bad bottle?

No – your bottle is totally fine.

There are stabilizers that can be added to almond milk to prevent the curdling that happens with non-dairy milks, but we chose to leave them out. The trade off, of course, is that curdling is possible. We do recommend heating up our Almondmilk (or using a frother if you have it!) before adding to hot coffee or tea. This can help with the curdling!

Here is a good article with some additional information to consider.

Where can I buy your Almondmilk and AlmondCrème?

You can currently find our Almondmilk and AlmondCrème at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. We are also expanding to independent retailers and natural grocers around the country. If you have a local store you’d like to see our products in, please ask them to stock us!

Do you offer a larger size?

We currently offer only a 28oz bottle. We are looking at a larger size for the future.

One trick – Whole Foods Market will always give you 10% off a full case of product.

Can I buy your product in bulk or wholesale?

Yes, but we should talk. Please send us a note at hello@thenewbarn.com

How can I contact you?

Please send us a note at hello@thenewbarn.com or a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

You can also call our customer service line at (888) 635-7102